We have a better way for companies to prepare and act on organizational change.



Help on an as-needed basis.



I have the experience to help you get things moving in the right direction.

The Reventus Network

Reventus has a better way of helping companies prepare and act on organizational change. Sometimes that means succession planning, other times that change may lead to selling the company.

We can act in the role of analyzing and evaluating the present situation and then offer proven paths toward achieving company goals. To accomplish some elements of the plan, we can draw upon our network of talented professionals.

These Reventus associates are chosen to work in close support of the customer’s project on an as-needed basis only. The associate network offers us more flexibility and greater consistency in applying business tools where appropriate, when needed.

As you would expect, there is much more to know about how the Reventus network can help you take more time out of your business and put it back into your life. Why not contact us today for a FREE initial consultation?

“When I was ready to sell my business, I was looking for a buyer that would build on what I started, take care of my employees, and give me a fair price for what I worked so hard to build. Reventus worked to create a win/win scenario that made me feel comfortable that my company and my employees were in good hands.”

Brett YerksFounder, Yerkotech Computer Solutions